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Name  Phone Number  Email Room Title Department (Location)
  Aaron Kerper    Real Estate Instr    Business and Professional Studies  (Cuyamaca)  
  Aaron Serafino 644-7454 x3485 Art Instr    Art  (Grossmont)  
  Aaron Starck 1-619-644-7008 Aaron.Stark@gcccd.edu10-155 Dean Of Admissions & Records & Financial Aid    Admissions and Records  (Grossmont)  
  Abbey Leonard 1619-644-7308 Abbey.Leonard@gcccd.edu34-280     Foundation  (Grossmont)  
  Abby Algarin 1619-644-7244 Abby.Algarin@gcccd.edu80 Grant Implementation Developer    Community and Workforce Development  (District)  
  Abdullah AlShawi Business Instr    Business  (Grossmont)  
  Abedin Jamal ESL Instructor    English as a Second Language (ESL)  (Cuyamaca)  
  Adam Andrews 619-660-4218 Adam.Andrews@gcccd.eduC-132 Instructional Media Serv Tech    Library/Learning Resources  (Cuyamaca)  
  Adam Deutsch 1619-644-7505 Adam.Deutsch@gcccd.edu52-563B English Assoc Instr    English  (Grossmont)  
  Adelle Roe 1619-644-7568 Adelle.roe@gcccd.edu52-559B English Instr    English  (Grossmont)  
  Agustin Albarran 1619-644-7161 Agustin.Albarran@gcccd.edu10-131 Dean English/Soc/Behavioral Sci    English/Social/Behavioral Sciences  (Grossmont)  
  Agustin Orozco 619-660-4302 Agustin.Orozco@gcccd.eduA206 Dean, Counseling Services    Counseling  (Cuyamaca)  
  Ahn Nuzen 1-619-644-2733 Ahn.Nuzen@gcccd.edu50-509M CSIS Instr    Computer Science Information (CSIS)  (Grossmont)  
  Aimee Gallagher 1-619-644-7649 Aimee.Gallagher@gcccd.edu38H Interim VC Human Resoures    Human Resources  (District)  
  Aimee Hatfield CD Instr    Child Development  (Cuyamaca)  
  Aimee Hatfield 660-4512 Aimee.Hatfield@gcccd.eduE207A CD Instr    Child Development  (Cuyamaca)  
  Aimee Imlay    Sociology Instr    Sociology  (Grossmont)  
  Aimee Tomasello 1619-644-7361 Aimee.Tomasello@gcccd.edu70-150 Adj Librarian    Library/Learning Resources  (Grossmont)  
  Aklas Sheai 619-660-4487 Aklas.Sheai@gcccd.eduA 104 Arabic Instr    World Languages  (Cuyamaca)  
  Alaa Gado Kana Arabic Instructor    Foreign Language  (Cuyamaca)  
  Alan Renga History Instr    History  (Grossmont)  
  Alan Traylor 1619-644-7507 Alan.Traylor@gcccd.edu52-558A English Instr    English  (Grossmont)  
  Alan Wade English Instr    Communication Arts  (Cuyamaca)  
  Alazar Tesfamariam 619-660-3337 History Instr    History/Social and Behavioral Science  (Cuyamaca)  
  Albert Taccone Business Instr    Business  (Grossmont)  
  Albert Taccone BUS Instr    Business and Professional Studies  (Cuyamaca)  
  Aldrin Orena 619-660-4251 Aldrin.Orena@gcccd.eduFac. Trailer Custodian    Administrative Services  (Cuyamaca)  
  Aleen Jendian Adjunct Instr    English  (Grossmont)  
  Alejandro Centanino 619-660-4278 Alejandro.Centanino@gcccd.eduB-155 ESL Instructional Lab Assistant    English as a Second Language (ESL)  (Cuyamaca)  
  Alejandro Ortega-Manriquez Math Instr    Math  (Grossmont)  
  Alex Decosta 1619-644-7214 Alex.Decosta@gcccd.edu20-106 Hyde Art Gallery Technician    Art  (Grossmont)  
  Alex Kowalczyk Psychology Instr    Psychology  (Grossmont)  
  Alexander Artenstein 619-660-4783 aartenstein@gafcon.comModular Office Project Coordinator    Gafcon  (Cuyamaca)  
  Alexander James Custodian    Maintenance  (Cuyamaca)  
  Alexandra Hofler    Chemistry Instructor    Chemistry  (Cuyamaca)  
  Alexis Lytle 1619-644-7384 Alexis.Lytle@gcccd.edu70-205 Student Success Liason    Student Services  (Grossmont)  
  Alexis Popko 1619-644-7267 Alexis.Popko@gcccd.edu22A Theatre Operations Facilitator    Theatre Arts  (Grossmont)  
  Alicia Gibson English Instr (HCHS)    English  (Grossmont)  
  Alicia Munoz 619-660-4226 Alicia.Munoz@gcccd.eduF-103 Interim Vice President of Instruction    Vice-President Instruction  (Cuyamaca)  
  Alisha Lenning Solan 644-7454 x3669 Communications/Speech Instr    Communications/Speech  (Grossmont)  
  Alison Colls 619-660-3199 Alison.Colls English as a Second Language Instr    Communication Arts  (Cuyamaca)  
  Alison Haertjens 1-619-644-7491 Alison.Haertjens@gcccd.edu70-154 Library Tech II    Library/Learning Resources  (Grossmont)  
  Alla Lyulkin 1619-644-7537 Alla.Lyulkin@gcccd.edu86-820 Business Analyst/IT    Information Technology  (District)  
  Allan Estrada 619-660-4060 Allan.Estrada@gcccd.eduI113 Veterans Center Specialist    Veterans Affairs  (Cuyamaca)  
  Allen Hazard 644-7454 x3816  41-144 Health Ed Instr    Health Ed  (Grossmont)  
  Allison Pearce Theater Instr    Theatre Arts  (Grossmont)  
  Allison Shearer 1619-644-7324 Allison.Shearer@gcccd.edu30-132 Biology Assoc Instr    Biology  (Grossmont)  
  Allison Wilson OH Instr    Ornamental Horticulture  (Cuyamaca)  
  Almarelly Reyes 1-619-644-7118 Almarelly.Reyes@gcccd.edu60-120 Student Services Specialist/A.R.C.    Accessibility Resource Ctr - A.R.C.  (Grossmont)  
  Althea Rodriguez  Althea.Rodriguez@gcccd.edu34-256 Nursing Instr    Nursing  (Grossmont)  
  Alyona Gorokhova-Scott 1-619-644-7566 Alyona.Gorokhova@gcccd.edu50-590Q ESL Instr    English as a Second Language (ESL)  (Grossmont)  
  Alyssa Krauss Math Instructor    Math  (Cuyamaca)  
  Alyze Dreiling-Hammer Music Instr    Music  (Grossmont)  
  Amal Odesh619-660-4768 Amal.Odesh@gcccd.eduE121A Help Desk\Computer Lab Tech    Library/Learning Resources  (Cuyamaca)  
  Amaliya Blyumin 619-660-4432 Amaliya.Blyumin@gcccd.eduA219 Transfer Center Coordinator, Counselor    Counseling  (Cuyamaca)  
  Amanda Clay Orthopedic Instr    Orthopedic Technology  (Grossmont)  
  Amanda Dolphin French Instr (HCHS)    World Languages  (Grossmont)  
  Amanda Everett Biology Instr    Biology  (Grossmont)  
  Amanda Parker 619-660-4338 Amanda_Parker@gcccd.eduB174 Tutoring Center Specialist    Tutoring  (Cuyamaca)  
  Amber Hughes 1619-644-7033 Amber.Hughes@gcccd.edu80 ECEA Coord    Community and Workforce Development  (District)  
  Amber Toland Perry English Instr    English  (Grossmont)  
  Amity Ecker    Theater Instructor    Performing Arts  (Cuyamaca)  
  Amy Cunningham Psychology Instr    Psychology  (Grossmont)  
  Amy Hacker Music Instructor    Music  (Cuyamaca)  
  Amy Huie OH Instructor    Ornamental Horticulture  (Cuyamaca)  
  Amy McGhee 1-619-644-7597 Amy.McGhee@gcccd.edu80-857 Program Specialist    Foundation  (Grossmont)  
  Amy Ramos1619-644-7562 Amy.Ramos@gcccd.edu70-209 Psychology Instr    Psychology  (Grossmont)  
  Amy Triba ASL Instr (HCHS)    American Sign Language (ASL)  (Grossmont)  
  AnaCesia Madera ASL Instr    American Sign Language (ASL)  (Grossmont)  
  Anaid Northcraft 1619-644-7710 Anaid.Northcraft@gcccd.edu80B Interim Director of Human Resources/Benefits    Human Resources  (District)  
  Analyst Financial 1619-644-7688  86-801C Financial Analyst    Budget and Administrative Services  (District)  
  Andre Andersen.756-9099 CSIS Instr    Computer Science Information (CSIS)  (Grossmont)  
  Andre Bin-Walee 1619-644-7051 Andre.Bin-Walee@gcccd.edu10-109C Financial Aid Advisor    Financial Aid  (Grossmont)  
  Andre Toma 619-660-4683 Andre_Toma@gcccd.eduF113 Interim Business Services Specialist    Administrative Services  (Cuyamaca)  
  Andrea Dyal 1619-644-7350 Andrea.Dyal@gcccd.edu34-268 Nursing Instr    Nursing  (Grossmont)  
  Andrew Chavez 1-619-644-7702 Andrew.chavez@gcccd.edu85-900 Interim Warehouse Supervisor    Warehouse  (District)  
  Andrew Chavez 1-619-644-7702 Andrew.chavez@gcccd.edu85-900 Warehouse Supervisor    Warehouse  (District)  
  Andrew Hellier 1-619-644-7181 Interim Admissions & Records Assistant Sr.    Admissions and Records  (Grossmont)  
  Andy Timm 1619-644-7367 Andy.Timm@gcccd.edu70-106 Network Spec II    Instructional Computing Systems  (Grossmont)  
  Anetha Johnson Business Office Technology Instr    Business Office Technology (BOT)  (Grossmont)  
  Angela Didomenico Biology Instr    Biology  (Grossmont)  
  Angela Feres1619-644-7473 Angela.Feres@gcccd.edu70-208 History Assist Professor/Chair    History  (Grossmont)  
  Angela Hackman Biology Instructor    Science/Engineering  (Cuyamaca)  
  Angela Ngo 1619-644-7319 Angela.Ngo@gcccd.edu34-264 Nursing Assist Instr    Nursing  (Grossmont)  
  Angela Tilley-Ruiz619-660-4443 Angela.Tilley@gcccd.eduE107A Job Placement Case Manager    Career and Technical Education  (Cuyamaca)  
  Angham Yousif 619-660-4629 Angham.Yousif@gcccd.eduE121A Instructional Lab Assist    Business and Professional Studies  (Cuyamaca)  
  Angie Gish 1619-644-7326 Angie.Gish@gcccd.edu31-377 Child Dev Instr/Co-Coord    Child Development  (Grossmont)  
  Anmar Kakos 619-660-4513 Anmar.Kakos@gcccd.eduD320 Office Assistant    Exercise Science  (Cuyamaca)  
  Ann Durham 1619-644-7057 Ann.Durham@gcccd.edu100-124D HWI (RHORC)/Welcome Back Center Dir    Health Workforce Initiative (RHORC)  (Grossmont)  
  Ann Willard 1619-644-7361 Ann.Willard@gcccd.edu70-150 Adj Librarian    Library/Learning Resources  (Grossmont)  
  Anna Cardenas CD Instr    Child Development  (Cuyamaca)  
  Anna May Mijares Respiratory Therapy Instr    Respiratory Therapy  (Grossmont)  
  Annaleah Gonzalez Instructor    Health Ed  (Cuyamaca)  
  Annalinda Arroyo 619-660-4456 Annalinda.Arroyo@gcccd.eduH-116 Math Instructor    Math  (Cuyamaca)  
  Anne Krueger 1619-644-7842  86 Communications and Public Info Dir    Marketing & Communications  (District)  
  Anne Nelson 644-7215 Anne.Nelson@gcccd.edu10-173 Counselor    Counseling  (Grossmont)  
  Anne Teachout 1619-644-7386 Anne.teachout@gcccd.edu37-300A4 Geology Instr    Geology  (Grossmont)  
  Anne Marie Oldham Management, Marketing Bus Instr    Business  (Grossmont)  
  Annette Aagard ESL Instr    American Collegiate English (ACE)  (Grossmont)  
  Annette Guerrero RESP Instr    Respiratory Therapy  (Grossmont)  
  Annie Zuckerman 619-660-4484 BOT Instr    Business and Professional Studies  (Cuyamaca)  
  Anthony Cutietta 1619-644-7254 Anthony.Cutietta@gcccd.edu26-223 Music Tech    Music  (Grossmont)  
  Anthony Fletcher Custodian    Maintenance  (Cuyamaca)  
  Anthony Griffen 1619-644-7208 Anthony.Griffen@gcccd.edu10-162 Counselor    Counseling  (Grossmont)  
  Anthony Logan 1619-644-7413 Anthony.Logan@gcccd.edu43-101 Custodian    Campus Facilities and Operations  (Grossmont)  
  Anthony Recalde CSIS Instr    Computer Science Information (CSIS)  (Grossmont)  
  Anthony Zambelli619-660-4318 Anthony.Zambelli@gcccd.eduF-503 Economics Instr    Business and Professional Studies  (Cuyamaca)  
  Antonio Carmona 1-619-644-7413 Antonio.Carmona@gcccd.edu43-101 Custodin    Campus Facilities and Operations  (Grossmont)  
  Antonio Crespo-619-644-7820 Antonio.Crespo@gcccd.edu54-506A Spanish Professor    World Languages  (Grossmont)  
  Anver Alam CIS Instructor    Computer and Information Science  (Cuyamaca)  
  Arian Pole 619-660-4342 Arian.Pole@gcccd.eduA309 Financial Aid Advisor    Financial Aid  (Cuyamaca)  
  Ariana Tapia 1-619-644-7128 Financial Aid Assistant    Financial Aid  (Grossmont)  
  Arthur Kennelly 644-7454 x3915 Psychology Instr    Psychology  (Grossmont)  
  Arturo Millan1619-644-7068 Arturo.Millan@gcccd.edu31-384A Math Instr    Math  (Grossmont)  
  ASGC Associated Students ASGC 1619-644-7604  60-110     Associated Students (ASGC)  (Grossmont)  
  Asma Yassi 619-660-4401 Asma.Yassi@gcccd.eduA109 Associate Professor / CalWORKs Counselor/Coordinator    CalWORKS  (Cuyamaca)  
  Astrid Ronke 644-7454 x3888 German/Russian Instr/ Coord    World Languages  (Grossmont)  
  Asuka Kuratani 644-7454 x3770 Japanese Instr    World Languages  (Grossmont)  
  Athena Cather-Cruz 619-660-6026 Anthena.Cruz@gcccd.eduH230 Science Lab Tech II    Science/Engineering  (Cuyamaca)  
  Audra Puccio-Nagby Music Instr    Music  (Grossmont)  
  Augusto Sandroni 644-7454 x3732 Art Instr    Art  (Grossmont)  
  Ava Gill 1619-644-7617 EOPS Counselor    EOPS - Ext Opportunities Prgms and Servs  (Grossmont)  
  Ayad Yasin Biology Instr    Biology  (Grossmont)  
  Ayax Ramirez Physics Instr    Physics  (Grossmont)  
  Ayumi Gervais 644-7454 x3625 Japanese Instr    World Languages  (Grossmont)  
  Ayumi Hazel 1-619-644-7407 Hazel.Ayumi@gcccd.edu41-135 Badminton Coach    Exercise Science  (Grossmont)  
  Azhar Antwan Computer Science Instr    Computer and Information Science  (Cuyamaca)