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Name  Phone Number  Email Room Title Department (Location)
  Barry Ayers WWTR Instr    Water/Wastewater Technology  (Cuyamaca)  
  Benjamin Byard    Chemistry Instructor    Chemistry  (Cuyamaca)  
  Beth Viersen 619-660-4576 Beth.Viersen@gcccd.eduA114 DSPS Coordinator    Disabled Student Prgrms and Servs (DSPS)  (Cuyamaca)  
  Bethanie Perry History Instructor    History/Social and Behavioral Science  (Cuyamaca)  
  Betty Garrity619-660-3384   ES/ Dietician    Exercise Science  (Cuyamaca)  
  Billie Lavan619-660-4259 Billie.Lavan@gcccd.eduA301 College Cashier    Administrative Services  (Cuyamaca)  
  Biology Lab Tech  1619-660-2772   Biology Technician    Science/Engineering  (Cuyamaca)  
  Bittany Gardner 619-660-4459 hofam@sbcglobal.netMuseum Director of Heritage of the Americas Museum    Museum  (Cuyamaca)  
  Brad McCombs619-660-4267 Brad.McCombs@gcccd.eduK118 Auto Tech Instructor    Automotive Technology  (Cuyamaca)  
  Brad Monroe 619-660-4261  M110 OH Instr    Ornamental Horticulture  (Cuyamaca)  
  Brad Richardson 619-660-3067 Biology Instr    Science/Engineering  (Cuyamaca)  
  Brandon Baker Para Instructor    Business and Professional Studies  (Cuyamaca)  
  Brandon Fabio 619-660-4648 Brandon.Fabio@gcccd.eduH-110 Information Technology      (Cuyamaca)  
  Brian Browning 619-660-4681 bbrowning@gafcon.comModular Office Campus Project Manager    Gafcon  (Cuyamaca)  
  Brian Hiatt-Aleu619-660-4053 Brian.Hiatt-Aleu@gcccd.eduD321 Men's Soccer Coach    Athletics  (Cuyamaca)  
  Brian Josephson619-660-4394 Brian.Josephson@gcccd.eduC114 Instructional Support Services    Disabled Student Prgrms and Servs (DSPS)  (Cuyamaca)  
  Brianna Brown  Brianna.Brown@gcccd.eduB173 English Instructor, Distance Education Coordinator    English  (Cuyamaca)  
  Brianna Hays 619-660-4046 Brianna.Hays@gcccd.eduE-109C  Senior Dean, Institutional Effectiveness, Success and Equity    Institutional Effectiveness, Success and Equity  (Cuyamaca)  
  Brieanna Cuellar 619-660-4431 Brieanna.Cuellar@gcccd.eduA207 Counseling & Assessment Center Supervisor    Counseling  (Cuyamaca)  
  Brittany Gardner 619-660-4728  B170 Reading Instructional Lab Assistant    Writing Center  (Cuyamaca)  
  Brittney Budde 619-660-4347 brittney.budde@gcccd.eduFac. Trailer Administrative Assistant III Facilities    Administrative Services  (Cuyamaca)  
  Brittney Carroll 619-660-4353 Brittney.Carroll@gcccd.eduE-109A Educational Researcher    Institutional Effectiveness, Success and Equity  (Cuyamaca)  
  Bruce McGraw   Philosophy/Humanities Instr    Humanities/Philosophy and Religious Studies  (Cuyamaca)  
  Bryan Cooper619-660-4661 Bryan.Cooper@gcccd.eduB106 Interim Instr Computer Facilities Supervisor    Library/Learning Resources  (Cuyamaca)  
  Bryan Elliott619-660-4551 Bryan.Elliott@gcccd.eduH112 Math Instr    Math  (Cuyamaca)  
  Bryan Miller-Hicks Geology Instr    Science/Engineering  (Cuyamaca)