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Name  Phone Number  Email Room Title Department (Location)
  Haber, Susan History Instr    History/Social and Behavioral Science  (Cuyamaca)  
  Hacker, Amy Music Instructor    Music  (Cuyamaca)  
  Hackman, Angela Biology Instructor    Science/Engineering  (Cuyamaca)  
  Hafner, John Business Instructor    Business and Professional Studies  (Cuyamaca)  
  Hajj, Donna619-660-4440 Donna.Hajj@gcccd.eduA218 Counselor    Counseling  (Cuyamaca)  
  Hall, Joshua English Instr      (Cuyamaca)  
  Halsted, Lauren619-660-4675 lauren.halsted@gcccd.eduB-175 Interim Dean of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences    Art, Humanities and Social Sciences  (Cuyamaca)  
  Hamerdinger, Diane 619-660-4678 dhamerdinger@gafcon.comModular Office Project Coordinator    Gafcon  (Cuyamaca)  
  Hammond, Courtney619-660-4594 Courtney.Hammond@gcccd.eduF504 Philosophy Instr    Humanities/Philosophy and Religious Studies  (Cuyamaca)  
  Hanna, Teresa Child Dev Instr    Child Development  (Cuyamaca)  
  Hannibal, Jim 619-660-4266  K117 Auto Tech Instructor    Automotive Technology  (Cuyamaca)  
  Hanscom, Pat Biology Instr    Science/Engineering  (Cuyamaca)  
  Harris, John Music Instr      (Cuyamaca)  
  Hatfield, Aimee CD Instr    Child Development  (Cuyamaca)  
  Hatfield, Aimee 660-4512 Aimee.Hatfield@gcccd.eduE207A CD Instr    Child Development  (Cuyamaca)  
  Hays, Brianna 619-660-4046 Brianna.Hays@gcccd.eduE-109C  Senior Dean, Institutional Effectiveness, Success and Equity    Institutional Effectiveness, Success and Equity  (Cuyamaca)  
  Heckbert, Lena  lena.heckbert@gcccd.eduI-223 Conselor    Career Center  (Cuyamaca)  
  Heras, Sarah 619-660-0284  F502 Instructor    Foreign Language  (Cuyamaca)  
  Hergul, Veli Math Instructor    Math  (Cuyamaca)  
  Hernandez, Jacqueline 619-660-4335  I130 Assist Bkst Manager    Bookstore  (Cuyamaca)  
  Hernandez, Jennifer    History Instr    History/Social and Behavioral Science  (Cuyamaca)  
  Herrick, Jane    CIS Instr    Computer and Information Science  (Cuyamaca)  
  Herrin, Scott 619-660-4044 Scott.Herrin@gcccd.eduD326 Instructor    Health Ed  (Cuyamaca)  
  Hiatt-Aleu, Brian619-660-4053 Brian.Hiatt-Aleu@gcccd.eduD321 Men's Soccer Coach    Athletics  (Cuyamaca)  
  Hill, Elizabeth 619-660-4693 Elizabeth_Hill@gcccd.eduH-213 Science Lab Tech II    Chemistry  (Cuyamaca)  
  Hines, Ursula 619-660-3430 Sociology Instr    History/Social and Behavioral Science  (Cuyamaca)  
  Hofler, Alexandra    Chemistry Instructor    Chemistry  (Cuyamaca)  
  Holladay, Sheri OH Instr    Ornamental Horticulture  (Cuyamaca)  
  Hollands, Lucinda Instructor    Health Ed  (Cuyamaca)  
  Hopwood, Dan 619-660-4296  F-726 EHSM Instructor    Environmental Health and Safety Management  (Cuyamaca)  
  Horn, Rachael Sociology Instr    History/Social and Behavioral Science  (Cuyamaca)  
  Hosley, Ticey 619-660-4427 Ticey.Hosley@gcccd.eduA220 Articulation Officer/Counselor    Counseling  (Cuyamaca)  
  Hughes, Shirley 619-660-4313 Shirley.Hughes@gcccd.eduA307 Financial Aid & Scholarships Supervisor    Financial Aid  (Cuyamaca)  
  Huie, Amy OH Instructor    Ornamental Horticulture  (Cuyamaca)  
  Hull, Dale Philosophy Instr    Humanities/Philosophy and Religious Studies  (Cuyamaca)  
  Hunt, Thom 619-660-4626 coachhunt619@gmail.comD328 Women's Cross Country    Athletics  (Cuyamaca)  
  Hunt, Tom Instructor    Exercise Science  (Cuyamaca)  
  Hurt, John Auto Instructor    Automotive Technology  (Cuyamaca)